I love what I do.
It’s my passion.

Since an early age I’ve always had a interest in filming and photography.
Now I’m doing my dream job – filming the headlines.

About Me

Since an early age I’ve always had a interest in filming and photography. Now in my dream job filming the headlines.

In 2011 I established the website ‘Beyond the Point‘ with my friend Liam. We had always loved the outdoors enjoyed going on bike rides to explore the local area so decided to setup a blog. By taking photographs and filming short videos to document the community, the site became an instant hit. Just a year into running the site we were named the Best National Community Archive and Best Online Heritage site. We’re now approaching a decade of running the website.

In a bid to get into video production, I started a voluntary role at Canvey Island Football Club as their cameraman/editor and was involved in establishing their YouTube channel. This paved the way for me to get my dream job at ITN.

After just over five years since joining ITN as an apprentice, I’m now a fully fledged shoot/edit camera operator at ITV News London, covering a variety of stories across the capital from protests to show-biz premieres. My favourite shoot was spending a week in Chicago, filming four feature-length reports on violence in the city. At the height of the Coronavirus pandemic I filmed in an intensive care unit in an East London Hospital.

In 2018 I got my Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority, allowing me to use my drone commercially and continue to use it for flight training and aerial photography. (#7755)

The following year I came first place in the National Drone Photography Awards with my photo of Tower Bridge. In addition to this I also won the abstract category with my photo of Tilbury Docks.

When I’m not at work I’m still likely to have a camera in my hands! I enjoy photography, which I do through Beyond the Point and also on my travels further afield. When at home I enjoy gardening and gaming and looking after my adorable pet rats, who have their own Instagram.