Aerial Work

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Since starting at ITV News 4 years ago, I have always been looking at ways to make my work more creative and to see things from different perspectives. In 2018 I got my Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and now love to fly my drone and capture photos and videos that would have perhaps required a helicopter 10 years ago. Whilst anyone can operate a drone, having filmed hundreds of hours of broadcast material over the past few years, I know how to make my shots extra special. Here’s just some of the uses that drone images can provide:

  • Wedding Photography – Capture your day in style with an angle that none of your guests can get! Our eye in the sky can photograph your wedding from a unique perspective.
  • Roof Inspections – Ultra HD photos and video footage can be captured of your roof, showing any damage that can’t be seen from below.
  • Real Estate – Advertise your property or holiday home from the skies 
  • Aerial Adverts – Showcase your area from the air with a breath-taking view overlooking your area

The law covering drones and aviation safety is covered by the Air Navigation Order which states that it is against the law for someone to profit from drone work unless they hold the relevant permissions. My permission can be viewed here and allows me to fly a drone of up to 20KG for commercial use, both day and night. I’m fully insured with public liability insurance.

If you’re interested in any of the services above, or would like to enquire about something, then please contact me via the form below. We’re competitive with rates and hold an exemplary safety record.