July 17, 2016 Joe Mander

From Apprentice to Staff

Apprentice to Trainee Article

As my 18-month apprenticeship comes to an end, I’m delighted to say that ITN are keeping me on as a Trainee Camera Operator!

The apprenticeship has gone incredibly fast, it only seems like yesterday that I started at ITN. I’ve done many things since I’ve been at ITN from planning their special coverage of VE day to working across the general election, mayoral election and the referendum although it’s been the camera work that I’ve loved the most. Over the next year I will continue to train as a multi-skilled camera operator, filming across the capital for ITV News London. Since being placed with London in February, I have filmed dozens of VT’s for the programme covering everything from a dug up bomb to Boris Johnson to even the behind the scenes of Games of Thrones. Some of my work is available on my Vimeo Channel.

I look forward to the next year ahead, one that will certainly be quite dynamic for the news industry!


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