April 17, 2016 Joe Mander

New Editing Suite Setup!

It had been known as ‘The BTP Room’ (named after Beyond the Point) for a long time although this was set to change when I decided to converted it into an edit suite. It had been used a storage room for our exhibition (and general junk) and one day I thought that it could be used much better and set about deciding to change that; getting rid of the clutter and converting it into an purpose-built edit suite.

Move the slider to see it before and after.


As you can see by the before and after photos, it looks a LOT different and it has vastly improved my productivity when editing. There’s two computers, one with dual screens for video editing, graphics and anything ‘creative’ and the other one is for more general use such as pre-production, accessing documents, emails and so on. It works well having both as a producer can be on one researching and looking up information whilst I can be editing on the other. The dual screen set-up is connected to a custom built Windows computer, specifically for video editing from PC Specialist, whereas the other one is a general computer. There are many pros to buying the custom built one:

  • It can handle footage better in comparison to the standard one, including UHD footage
  • Software such as After Effects and Premiere Pro runs and exports much quicker
  • It’s cheaper than some Apple products yet more effective.

When designing how I wanted the room to look, I wanted it tidy and smart (trust me, it doesn’t always look that tide though….) The wallpaper and carpet was kept the same and the only aesthetic changes was new photos put up and a blind. The blinds are much needed as when you are looking at something dark with bright light behind it, it can be hard to see. They work well although something like a blackout blind would be ideal, especially on bright days.

The ‘desk’ was a laminate kitchen worktop from Wickes. Two were bought to form an ‘L’ shaped desk although the desk running along the side is slightly narrower, as the bevelled edge was cut off to make the shelf for the monitors. I particularly paid attention to my posture whilst deciding on how things would piece together which I why I put in the shelf. Previously I had no shelf and as I’m spending longer and longer on the computer, it made sense to add one.

The first step was to completely clear out the room – this was done in a day or so. After that wooden blocks were screwed into the wall to act as brackets to support the worktop.

The wall brackets


This supported the desk well, although a support was needed in the middle of the desk. When testing, a broken light stand was used although a chrome desk support was used for the completed desk. With this set up, it was time to add the shelf. It’s roughly 15cm from the desk making the computer monitors at eye level and the shelf is resting on some chrome poles which were cut to size – replacing the tins of custard to test the height! The one under the desk is a general furniture support leg – this and the poles both from Wickes.

DSC_0753 DSC_0784 DSC_0776

Pipe CollarOnce the shelf had been fitted it was time to add the bits n bobs. All of the cables feed through a hole in the desk to the computers below. The hole is tidied up by a pipe collar which is a removable plastic clip that goes over the hole – it has a chrome finish to fit in with the rest of the desk. These are meant for radiator pipes although it does the job for this!

On the narrower desk this has my printer on it and also some filing and paper space. Below this is a small filing cabinet and also space for my equipment which was essential. Here I keep my camera bags, slider, tripods and lights and they all fit into the space neatly. Admittedly this isn’t the best looking area of the room, but it’s behind the door so it doesn’t bother me too much. I always have the option to put a mini curtain or another covering over it. Above the gear lies plug sockets for the batteries to charge so everything is in one place.

DSC_0266 DSC_0273 DSC_0254 DSC_02592

To the left of the desk lies a DIY green-screen covered up by a giant photo of the TV series ‘The Bill’.

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