Beyond the Point is an award winning website that I co-set up in 2011, at the age of 14. Liam Heatherson and myself are dedicated to revealing the unseen history of South-East Essex. Our mission is to archive and record the historic remains in our local area and to enlighten local residents on their local history. Our direct and hands-on approach sees the ‘BTP Boys’ adventure out and about to film, photograph and to discover the local area. Our excursions cover many areas within Essex and beyond, discovering old structures and surviving remnants from the past. In addition to these unseen areas, we also have a keen interest in going behind the scenes and covering unique perspectives of more well known historic sites.

Within two years of running the site, we were awarded with the prestigious titles of ‘Best Online Community Website’ and ‘Best National Archive 2012′. Four years on we have done numerous presentations for community groups, held stalls at several community events and have even been involved in the campaign launch for ‘Explore Your Archive’ which was held at the Houses of Parliament.

We are enthusiastic to get other teenagers involved and work hard towards our digital media approach. We produce documentaries on the locations that we visit, entirely shot and edited by ourselves and also heavily photograph the sites to keep a permanent recollection of them.


Beyond the Point in numbers:

We’ve visited over 50 historic sites

Our website has had over 260,000 views

We’ve had over 110,000 hits on YouTube on our 90+ videos

We’re liked by over 790 people on Facebook

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Recent works

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