February 9, 2016 Joe Mander

Secrets of Severalls: Business Sponsorship Advertisements Available

The comments above (click here to view large) speak for themselves and we’re delighted to offer a fantastic sponsorship opportunity for our upcoming feature, ‘Secrets of Severalls’.

Due to the high level of interest for our Secrets of Severalls documentary, we are giving businesses and organisations the opportunity to sponsor our production. Sponsorship options range from sponsoring the final film and any behind the scenes content to marketing and distribution and also any online articles related to the documentary. Severalls WallpaperBut why should you? Well let the statistics do all the talking:

  • There was over 23,000 views on the article announcing that production had started – this continues to rise daily
  • Our social networking posts have reached thousands of people
  • Our online trailers have had over 12,000 views and counting
  • News of the production has featured in several newspapers including the renowned Digital Filmmaker Magazine
  • Our filming access has been “unprecedented” as all major broadcasters have been refused access

The sponsorship opportunity is purely that of a sponsor, and will not the affect the message, theme or tone of the film in any way. This is an impartial documentary about the history of Severalls Hospital and will remain so.

This is a fantastic opportunity for any organisation to take up, with a guaranteed large audience reach. Thousands of people are keeping up to date with our production updates and thousands more will watch the film when it’s released this year. If you’re interested in this opportunity or would like to know more, please contact us via the Contact page.

You can keep up to date with the production by liking our Facebook Page and you can watch the Secrets of Severalls Trailer below.

Secrets of Severalls Teaser from Joe Mander on Vimeo.

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