February 21, 2016 Joe Mander

Secrets of Severalls: Digital FilmMaker Magazine & ITV News Feature

'Secrets of Severalls' 6-page feature in the Digital FilmMaker Magazine

It’s been an exciting week for my Secrets of Severalls documentary to say the least!

On Monday, myself and Liam Heatherson headed up to the derelict site in Colchester for ITV News to film an interview with us about the production. Speaking to Serena Sandhu from ITV News Anglia, we spoke about how it felt to be the last people to film at the site and what plans we have for the documentary.

Liam_ITV_AngliaThe report reached out to thousands of residents in the East of England, which is great, and will hopefully to reach out for even more people in get touch to share their stories. So far we’ve had hundreds of messages from staff, patients and visitors to the hospital.

ITV Anglia wern’t the only people to cover the story this week as the Digital FilmMaker Magazine also did a fantastic 6-page spread on the story! The popular magazine focusses on independent film making and covers all aspects of making a film from writing to post production. Regular features include interviews with pros from the film industry, Q&A sessions, equipment reviews, tutorials, film reviews and much more so it’s a pleasure to be featured in it!

The Digital FilmMaker - Issue 33

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